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The characteristics of the fibre cement boards manufactured by our unique FLOW-ON-production process (low density product, board thickness up to 30 mm or even more, recycled cellulose fibres from the reprocessing of newspapers and cardboard, etc.) are ideal for their use for the most diverse traditional applications of fibre cement boards but also as starting material for the industrial production of the various house elements.

Characteristics of HUS-fiber cement panels:

  • Density of aprox. 1050 – 1200 kg/m3
  • Low production costs
  • Ecologically friendly (100% recycable)
  • Easy to work (like wood panels)
  • Good long term performance
  • Don‘t combust or generate smoke or toxic fumes
  • Resist moisture, don‘t desintegrate or decompose in the presence of water
  • Resistent against mould, micro organisms, rodents, etc.
  • HUS-fiber cement panels combine the positive characteristics of wood and cement

Depending on clients needs H.U.S-Technology AG offers tailor-made packages for:

  • plant design
  • equipment and spare part supply
  • turn-key solutions
  • manufacturing and process technology
  • training

Raw materials

HUS-fiber cement panels consist of non-hazardous, local available and cheap raw materials:

  • Recycled newspaper (ONP)
  • Recycled carton (OCC)
  • Cement
  • Calcium carbonate
  • Additives (~1%)
  • Water