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About Us

Our Story

H.U.S-TECHNOLOGY AG used to be part of the multinational NUEVA group (GRUPO NUEVA) which was active in most Latin American countries in the field of building materials with over 11’000 employees. For strategic reasons it was decided to create a separate and totally independent technology and management support company that could also work for third parties, including licensing of the technology and know-how outside North- and South-America.

This new entity was founded 1997 under the name of H.U.S-TECHNOLOGY AG and registered in Switzerland. Its senior management owns the company.

A lot of knowledge

All employees of H.U.S-TECHNOLOGY AG have been working in the area of fibre cement building production and appications for many decades. We are actually the ones that invented and developed the technology which have been very successful used in many Central American countries,  Thailand and Indonesia with a yearly output of about 50 million square meters. The products are sold in Latin America, Caribbean countries, the United States, Thailand, Indonesia and other countries in South East Asia.

H.U.S-TECHNOLOGY AG is furthermore engaged in other activities such as world-wide trading of special equipment, machines, spare parts and raw materials which are used in the production and application of fibre cement boards.

We would be happy to support you with our many years of experience.