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Wood replacment

The boards are easy to process, similar to wood, but sufficiently strong for general applications in the construction of buildings. In addition, their behaviour against fire, termites, moisture, etc. is very similar to that of concrete products; thus termite-resistant and non-flammable. Because the individual boards are up to 30 mm thick, the residents have the feeling of living in a solidly built house. The feeling of space is also extremely pleasant for the residents.

The boards are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Photo credit: Conwood Indonesia

Industrialized house construction

Today, around 2 billion people worldwide live in inhumane conditions. The huge deficit of living space cannot be solved by traditional construction methods. Fast and unconventional solutions are in demand. The characteristics of the fibre cement boards manufactured by our unique production process are ideal for their use as starting material for the industrial production of housing solutions.

Some 30 years ago, the then PLYCEM group in Venezuela and other Latin American countries took its first steps to produce industrially manufactured houses from thick fibre cement boards, made from recycled cellulose fibres and cement. The various companies developed solutions and construction systems adapted to their respective markets. Over the years, several thousand such houses have been built and erected in the various countries of Latin America.

The advantages of industrially produced housing solutions are convincing:

  • Huge time-saver
  • Controlled and low production costs
  • Reduction of the use of resources (no waste)
  • Controlled quality of the final products
  • House kits can be stockpiled (use in case of disasters)
  • and much more